Artycouture-Pyrrha x Liberty

Pyrrha x Liberty London Jewellery Collaboration Launch

The Talisman-‘A magical renowned object that is known for providing good luck and protection from evil or harm’

Just in time for the holidays, Pyrrha has united with Liberty London to design a custom talisman based on the luxury department store’s iconic family crest. 

Following seven years of sharing its signature jewellery collection with Liberty London customers, designers Wade and Danielle Papin have created a unique talisman inspired by the historic crest, which was first drawn for Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1898. This Pyrrha X Liberty London exclusive features a castle, signifying strength and vigilance, fleur de lys, representing light and life, and a lion, symbolizing courage.

Pyrrha_x_Liberty_London_Holiday_2 (3)


Pyrrha designers Danielle and Wade Papin have been creating jewellery using time-honored, old world techniques from their Vancouver, Canada studio since 1995. Handcrafted using reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, and 14K gold with conflict-free stones, Pyrrha jewellery features authentic wax impressions and imagery from the Victorian Era. Each iconic talisman is designed to inspire the wearer with its symbolic meaning culled from heraldry. The inspirational jewellery brand has appeared in films and television shows around the world and has been worn by countless celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Richard Madden, and Kate Beckinsdale.

Displaying Pyrrha_x_Liberty_London_2_FINAL.JPG

Pyrrha_x_Liberty_London_2_FINAL (1)


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