Artycouture – Q&A with Steven Morris Designer at Otherwise Design Studio

Tucked away and a stones throw from Peckham in South East London is Bellenden road and where you can find Otherwise Design Studio it is located just a short walk from Peckham Rye Station in a quiet almost village like area.

I Stumbled across Otherwise Design Studio whilst walking through Peckham on a Sunny Saturday afternoon just over a year ago and it has started one of the most memorable journeys i have had to date…..but i will leave this story to unfold another day as i think it is always good to hold back a little bit of mystery….

Ok so back to the extremely talented Designer and Visionary Steven Morris and the Q&A interview…

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Who are you?

My name is Steven Morris and I’m the Menswear designer and creative at Otherwise Design.

I grew up in a design orientated household with my parents’ fashion studio under our home. It was an environment where I was forced to consider what good design was everyday and from a young age.
As my love of all things creative developed, I studied Fine Art, Film and Video and graduated from Central Saint Martins.

Design was always central to my creativity and at the birth of Otherwise Design it seemed like an natural progression. With my progressive outlook for menswear design together with my dad’s 40 years of experience in the industry, we continue to accomplish amazing design for clients with style.

Orange and Camo bomber
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Tell us a little about Otherwise Design and the design process involved?

Otherwise Design is an independent fashion label, catering for those who can appreciate originality and creativity. We offer a variety of quality-made pieces of clothing for men women and children. From woolen winter warmers to checkered baseball jackets; there is something for everyone here.

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Otherwise Design is a design studio like no other. It is a family business based in East Dulwich with the Morris family members at its core. It’s the most exciting and stimulating place to work as there are always fresh ideas being transmitted between everyone, which are interpreted and bought to life by different members of the family contributing to different aspects of the design process.

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What makes Otherwise Design a special place to work?

At Otherwise Design, we are lucky enough to be able to work free of constraints. We’ll go to any length to get the desired design, no matter the type of material, intricacy of sketch or the amount of samples we have to make. We are simply focused on making beautiful clothes without always having to think in terms of current trends and seasons. We have free reign and pretty much agree to produce those designs that leave the largest impression on us and our clients love this. This is regardless of whether it is considered to be in season or whether the magazines say it is on trend. Our clients can rely on us for innovative designs that can be found nowhere else.

image (5)image (12)

What makes your designs so unique?

I have a particular love for menswear design and I love the challenge of teasing out its possibilities. Traditionally, there is a view that menswear is conservative in comparison to womenswear. As a menswear designer, I consider the holy grail of a menswear design something that postures on-the-edge. It must be bold and progressive and have depth of interest. It must be comfortable, functional and most importantly wearable. This ethos embodies my designs at Otherwise Design.

What designs from your range are you most impressed with and why?

I am impressed by those that can inspire whole collections. An item could be intended to be a one of piece, but have so much to lend. One example that springs to mind is our grey jersey blazer from the Belmire Evolve collection. This was an item that began as a sole item but it inspired a 12 piece collection. This is are a real testament to the quality of our design and of what challenges can be overcome by our dedicated design-lead team, particularly in term interpretation and realization.

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What is your inspiration?

I am inspired by all aspects of good design, taking inspirations from all design disciplines and everything around me.

I am also inspired by the fact that fashion has a strange paradox. By nature, it is ever-changing, yet has the potential to retain what’s worthy and can later be considered classic. The fact that my design could leave a mark, is one of the most dynamic and inspiring of all pursuits.

For all your Design needs from Alterations,Patterns,Samples,Prototypes Otherwise Design Studio offers a full design consultation whether it be one garment or designing your own collection from start to finish this is truly a place where great things happen or Otherwise…Magic!
To be continued…

Otherwise Design 141 Bellenden Road London SE15 4DH
Twitter: @OtherwiseShop
Facebook: Steven Morris for Otherwise Design


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