Artycouture ‘On The Case’-Stetson Celebrating 150 Years ‘The Gamblers Ball For The Good’


Date: Saturday 21st February… Time: 6pm… Location:London Hippodrome Casino.. Dress Code:Hat’s on

Stetson Celebrates it’s 150th anniversary by hosting an amazing evening of entertainment and games entitled’The Gamblers Ball For The Good’

All Suited and Booted and Stetson Briefcase at the ready i was accompanied by good friends and it was off to ‘The Stetson Gamblers Ball For The Good’

The Evening Started at Six o’clock where we were greeted by Members of ‘The Stetson Family’ who had traveled from all corners of the globe to be part of this prestigious occasion to celebrate one hundred and fifty years and honour it’s founder ‘Mr J B Stetson’ and to join together to raise money for the ‘Human Help Network In Thailand’ helping the so called drop-in center to expand the first point of contact for children and youths from the street.A dormitory called ‘The Room of Stetson will also be set up in it’s honour.

I do not think London and Leicester square has seen quite so many hats and snappy dressers all in the same place at any given time…..

The Evenings procedures started with a naturally brief,friendly and warm welcome speech from Stetson Europe’s CEO held in the ‘Matchroom Ballroom’….. This was intertwined with an amazing ‘Flying Dinner’and opening of ‘The Heliot Lounge’which consisted of three poker tables a Beginners table,Black Jack and Craps table after which we were all invited to learn and try our luck in the poker tournament that proceeded…and we also had the pleasure of meeting Poker Star and all round nice guy ‘Mr Jan Heitmann’ who gave an informative presentation with very useful tips on the game of Poker….The evening proceeded with DJ accompanient and music from the swing and jazz scene,this set the mood while conversation flowed between’The Stetson Family’that had gathered in the masses champagne and canapes were served and the evening had just began…….

The Mood was electric as the crowds gathered for the next course of some ‘Las Vegas Style’ entertainment provided by the amazing ‘Cherry Poppin Daddies’as we danced our way into the early hours and a great evening was had by all.

So a big thank you and ‘Hats Off’ to all ‘The Stetson Family’for your hospitality and a night to be remembered for a long time to come…



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