Artycouture-Duchamp London Presentation at London Collections:Men

download (5)Artycouture-Duchamp London Presentation at London Collections:Men

After being Invited to The Duchamp London LCM Opening Party last year at The Experimental Cocktail Club,It was an honour to be invited to the Duchamp London event held at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The Autumn/Winter collection did not disappoint and certainly complimented the venue,At the top of the staircase awaited a drawing room with a host of traditional games from Chess,Cane fencing,And pride of place stood a Poker table surrounded by four Duchamp dapper gentleman.

I was invited to sit and play a round of with the gentleman of the table and managed to win on a pair of nines!

Celebrating It’s 25 Anniversary this year, Duchamp London presented their Autumn/Winter collection at London Collections:Men.

The Duchamp London Collection focused heavily on Tailoring this year and a very impressive collection was on show encapsulating how the discerning gentleman should dress throught the winter season.

From a vast array of colourful fabrics and luxury corduroy suiting,Scottish tweed three pieces and printed silks for evening jackets.

The collection based around luxury lifestyles:The Jet setting Rogue,the Artist,the Alpinista,the Country Gent and the Entertainer.Bringing to the Forefront a Dapper Duchamp Man who is Adventurous,Sophisticated,International and Refined.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with a great atmosphere Congratulations and a big thank you to Marc Psarolis and Gianni Colarossi for your hospitality.


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