Bonavita New Collection Spring/Summer 2013

BONAVITA is the story of a man who became an icon of modern man, who thrives on energy, instinct, temperament vital. The style BONAVITA is multicultural, child of his time. The success of the brand has undoubtedly given by the taste and love for the company made ​​in Italy, from the research of handicraft manufactures, from the precious fabrics, all of excellent quality. The brand BONAVITA is one of the most sought after among the younger generations. Around the world the brand, now known in Italy, represents a new way of life, what we are and who we want to be and become. Give strong emotions is the company’s goal, so his claim is always Strong emotions.
The collections BONAVITA are the result of a painstaking research of fabrics, materials, style and taste everything Italian. A job that never stops and anticipates new trends. The collections are always different in garments and accessories and meet all needs, from casual man look “shabby chic” to the young more sophisticated, the real “fashion addicted”. The present and the past will go perfectly in Chapters BONAVITA , in an essential mix between respect for tradition and passion for innovation. A design result of a “contemporary look” always face to mingle among the urban chaos and the beauty of nature.

This is one of my favourite brands as they have a good combination of Casual and Stylish clothing.


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